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7FigureAdvisor.com is for like-minded financial advisors, financial planners and wealth advisors.  We believe in comprehensive planning, allowing the client's goals and objectives to form the basis of their plan and acknowledging any conflicts of interest.

In other words, put the client first.

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What Makes 7 Figure Advisor Different?

There are tons of financial advisor coaching programs that are run by marketers, researchers and former advisors...7 Figure Advisor is owned and operated by two practicing financial advisors.

We actually USE THIS STUFF!!! Every day...and we're pretty darn good at it.

All of the tools, checklists and procedures are part of the system that we created to make running our own practices easier.  Along the way we made some mistakes  but everything that worked, we kept...we documented and perfected all of the strategies and tactics.  Then turned it into a comprehensive system.  Best of all, you can avoid all of our mistakes and benefit from our experience. It's the


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